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Manifesto: Economic Plan


We first asked them to tell us a little about who they are, any political history, about their political leanings and what skills you have to be a top level politician in Wales?

My name is Charles Dodman. I went to School in Wrexham, Yale College and Manchester University. I later qualified as a Chartered Accountant. I am dynamic and focused and want to make a difference. Wales needs me and my professional qualifications as a Chartered Accountant and experience as a business man. I will help get better value for the taxpayers. I work in Wrexham at my family’s business. I love Wales and the Welsh People. One thing is very clear Welsh Labour has let the People down at every turn. There is simply no one else to blame but the Welsh Labour Party. I will do everything I can to put this right. Politics is in my blood. Wales deserves better.


Aside from Covid and Covid recovery, what do you feel is the top issue for this constituency in the forthcoming parliament term, briefly explain how you would like to see your desired outcome achieved?

We must ensure that this Government’s Incompetence can never happen again it has nearly destroyed the economy and done untold harm to the people. The Government has been so untruthful and used psychological operations (propaganda) to frighten the population and wasted countless billions of pounds.

  • £32 billion on a Track and Trace App that was useless.
  • Billions of pounds spent building Nightingale Hospitals that were hardly used at all.
  • They have awarded friends and their cronies massive multi-million-pound contracts.
  • They closed the Private Hospitals and told them to wait for the Covid patients that never came.
  • We must pass laws that stop this from happening again it has been malfeasance in public office. All concerned should be made personally accountable for what they have done.
  • NHS waiting lists are now 8 times longer than they were 1 year ago. A year ago the Welsh NHS were already in Special Measures the situation is now 8 times worse. Social distancing rules and the policy of self-isolating as a result of a 90% false-positive PCR test has resulted in chaos with treatments and operations being cancelled. People are paying with their lives.

We must pass legislation that stops rule by ministerial decree which the 1984 Act allows them to do.

There is simply no one else to blame other than the Welsh Labour Government in Cardiff.

2 What is your plan for helping residents and businesses in your constituency in the coming years to recover from the pandemic?

Less Government, not more Government. Fewer rules, red tape, and regulations that stifle free enterprise. Make it easier and less costly to employ workers. More investment and better education that ensures young get good quality high paying jobs

3  The pandemic has highlighted to many for the first time the powers the Senedd have under devolution. How has the pandemic changed your views of devolution?

Not at all, they are equally as incompetent as Westminster. It has been one big power grab. (4). What would you have done differently on the Welsh Covid response.? Absolutely everything differently.

This whole crazy Lockdown strategy has been based on a flawed PCR test which can be as much as 90% false positive. The inventor of the PCR test Kary Mullis said it should never be used to diagnose an infectious disease but this is exactly what the Government have done.

Well, Professor Neil Fergusson from Imperial College (every one of his previous predictions has been wildly out) predicted a 3% fatality rate this was downgraded on the 19th March 20 to a 99.95% survival rate for persons under 70 years of age which is roughly the same as the traditional seasonal winter flu. Even though the Government had been advised of this very much lower fatality rate they still went forward as if it was a genuine pandemic.

The Great Barrington Declaration signed by 70,000 Doctors says to look after the elderly and vulnerable and let everyone else carry on as normal.
There are a number of Countries like Sweden and several American States that did not Lockdown or have Mask Mandates and their overall deaths are statistically the same as the UK. They did not damage their economy and jobs or use propaganda against the people.

The average age of a purely Covid Victim (no other co-morbidities) is 82 years which is roughly life expectancy.
The Government has deliberately manipulated the statistics to boost the Covid death toll. Hardly anyone dies of ordinary flu or pneumonia now and if someone gets run down by a bus within 28 days of a (90% false positive) PCR Covid test then that is a Covid death as well. If an elderly person in a Care Home died of say Alzheimers, heart disease and Cancer then Doctors were encouraged to add Covid 19 to that list and thus record it as a Covid 19 death.

Last year 2020 approx 1% of the UK population died which is entirely normal. There is simply no need for a Policy of Lockdowns or mass vaccination.

5 Would you support legislation to hold an independence referendum for Wales? How would you vote in such a referendum and why?

No that must never happen. Corrupt politicians would trick us into rejoining the European Union.

6 What actions would you take, or support, as a MS to encourage Welsh language use growth? Or, if you are against this, why?

Wales must retain its wonderful culture and language. We must do everything we can to help that.

7 What does “climate emergency” mean to you, and why?

There is no climate emergency it is another money-making scam by the Elites to justify “Carbon Trading” and enrich themselves at the expense of us ordinary people. However, there is an environmental emergency we must:

  • Stop Deforestation
  • Prevent overfishing
  • Polluting the seas with plastics
  • Protect rare and endangered animals and plants.

I do believe in Climate Change the Climate has always changed and will continue to change. A thousand years ago Greenland was a green and pleasant land and the Vikings had agricultural settlements, then the climate got colder and they had to abandon them. During the Medieval Warm Period, the North of Scotland experienced a Mediterranean climate where they could grow grapes and olives. The Climate changed and then it got colder. Carbon Dioxide is as natural as the water we drink. Plants won’t grow without it. The warmer it is the faster plants grow and take the Carbon Dioxide out of the air by photosynthesis.

8 There can be a perception that politicians are too “South Wales focused” and can see a north-south divide. Do you think this is the case and realistically if elected which of your North Wales specific goals do you think you can deliver?

Vastly more investment is needed in North Wales nothing will change unless we do. We need to be a counter magnet to the South. The South gets everything we get very little. What we really need is to have a North Wales International Airport handling domestic and international flights.

Lots of Hotels would then be built which would provide jobs. The better communications would result in international companies locating on the Wrexham Industrial Estate providing more good quality jobs for young people. Unless we think big and are ambitious for Wrexham nothing will ever change.

9. What are your views on a LGBTQ+ plan for Wales?

This is a bit like the left-wingers always talking about Racism. As long as people are law-abiding just forget about our differences.

10 Children and young people have missed almost a full year of regular education – what are your plans to make sure that children who missed out on academic and social experience are not left at a disadvantage in the next few years?

This is totally Borris Johnson and his cronies fault. We could have been just like Sweden and many American States that did not lockdown or mandate masks and they did not have any more deaths or illness than we had. We should have done exactly like the 70,000 plus Doctors said in the “Great Barrington Declaration” to protect the elderly and vulnerable and let everyone else live normally.

School Children should not be forced to wear masks. It is child abuse. It is wicked.

11 Local services such as libraries, leisure centers and community centers have been badly affected in recent years due to lack of funding – how would you support local authorities.

I would speak to them all and ask their opinions on a solution and carefully consider the options.

(note: The below answers have not yet been provided)

12 – How would you resolve issues at the local health board that are emerging from special measures?

13 – What are you planning to do to help those who are finding it hard to find work?

14 – A lack of bus services, a poor road network, a need for more active travel and an improved train service are some of the more contentious issues in the area. If elected what would you campaign for and deliver for your constituency?

15 – Reform say ‘no new normal’, are there no benefits from the pandemic response you wish to take forward such as more remote working and such flexi working opportunities ?

16 –  You say no more lockdowns, if North Wales saw issues like January again with case rates near 1000 per 100k and mortuary space limited again, how would you respond? Is it sensible to make such political promises during a pandemic?

17 –  Your party mentions an ‘internet sales tax’, how much would that be, who would levy it, and is that not just extra red tape for internet retailers – which is many businesses nowadays? 

18 – If you change political allegiance from what you are currently seeking election for (eg. resigning from, or joining another party or group) will you trigger a by-election? If not, why not?

19 – At the time of writing where has the top three sources of funding for your campaign come from, and are there any funding sources you feel would be relevant to voters to know about? 

20 – In a few lines to wrap this up, why are you the best candidate compared to your competitors?



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