Posted: Thu 27th Jul 2023

Updated: Thu 27th Jul

6 Flower Traditions Around the World

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Flowers play an integral role in cultural practices and traditions around the world. Each region has its own unique way of using flowers in rituals, festivals and daily life. Helping them to do so is a florist in dagenham. This article looks at six floral traditions, revealing their historical roots and the meaning they carry in their respective cultures.


Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan

The Cherry Blossom Festival, known as Hanami, is an iconic Japanese tradition that celebrates the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms. This section delves into the history and significance of Hanami, highlighting the mesmerizing spectacle of cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Day of the Dead in Mexico

The Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos, is a vibrant Mexican festival where flowers, particularly marigolds, play a central role in honoring departed loved ones. This segment explores the symbolism of marigolds and their significance in this joyous celebration of life and death.

Lotus Flower in Buddhism

In Buddhism, the lotus flower holds profound spiritual symbolism. This part elucidates the association of the lotus with purity, enlightenment, and spiritual growth, reflecting its essential role in Buddhist teachings and iconography.

Hanbok and Floral Accessories in South Korea

South Korea’s traditional attire, the Hanbok, is often adorned with intricate floral accessories. This section explores the symbolism of these floral embellishments and their cultural significance in various ceremonies and celebrations.




Lei-Giving in Hawaii

The act of giving and receiving leis holds immense cultural importance in Hawaii. This segment delves into the various types of leis and their role in Hawaiian culture as symbols of love, respect, and hospitality.

Flower Carpet Festival in Belgium

The Flower Carpet Festival in Belgium is a dazzling spectacle where the Grand Place is adorned with a massive flower carpet. This section delves into the history of this unique festival and the intricate artistry involved in creating these floral masterpieces.


What is a traditional flower?

This section provides an overview of the concept of traditional flowers and how they have been intertwined with human history and culture.


What is the oldest flower?

Here, we explore the fascinating world of paleobotany to discover the oldest flower known to humanity and its significance in evolutionary history.


What flower symbolizes true love?

Unraveling the romantic symbolism of flowers, this part highlights the flower that has come to represent true love across various cultures and time periods.


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